RIMS Workshop on

Infinite Combinatorics and Forcing Theory

November 28 - December 1, 2016

at the Research Institute for Mathematical Sciences, Kyoto University

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Kyoto is the principal tourist destination of Japan and, as such, busy throughout the year. We therefore recommend that you make a hotel reservation as early as possible.

There are several types of hotels: the most convenient are so-called business hotels. Rooms and beds tend to be quite small, but they offer pretty much everything you may need. Usually, prices are affordable and range from 5,000 to 10,000 yen per night. However, prices of some hotels on Nobemver are peak-season-prices. An altogether different experience is a ryokan (Japanese-style hotel) with tatami-matted rooms in which you sleep on futons on the floor. The cheaper ones are in the same price range as business hotels. However, depending on the hotel and on room availability, they may not allow single occupancy. There are also a number of high-class hotels, both Western-style and Japanese-style.

Please ask the organizer if you have a trouble to book a hotel. The organizer will help the booking of your hotel.

Northern / Eastern Kyoto (close to Kyoto University):

The most conveniet area to come to Kyoto University is Shijo-Kawaramachi area (google map). There are many business hotels in this area.

In downtown Kyoto:

Downtown Kyoto is roughly the rectangle bound by Kawaramachi street and the Kamo river in the east, by Karasuma street (with the Karasuma subway line below) in the west, by Shijo street (and the Hankyu line underground) in the south, and by Oike street with the City Hall in the north. This is where the large department stores and the shopping malls are located. Gion, the traditional entertainment district, is further east across the Kamo river.

Close to JR Kyoto station (Southern Kyoto):

There are many more hotels close to the main train station (JR Kyoto station). Since this is south of the city center while Kyoto University is to the north-east, this area may be less convenient. For a list of hotels see any tourist webpage on Kyoto, e.g., the one of the Kyoto Visitor's Guide.

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Overview Program Abstracts Accommodation Travel information