Department of Mathematics
Shizuoka University

Mathematics changes its appearance at every moment. How far can you seize its true image?

You can do math using only papers and pencils. Of course, you can also do math using computers. Do math by your favorite style! Some day, “beauty” of math may sneak into the world of imagination your heart is filled with. Mathematics changes its appearance at every moment. How far can you seize its true image?

Department of Mathematics seeks students who have full of curiosity or spirit of inquiry, who actively pursue with interest various contents of math (or mathematical science) human intelligence has established, and who have strong will and ability to study and master them without giving up. Therefore, we welcome the admission of the following types of students:
  1. Students who did well in high school, and have desires to learn academic disciplines even deeper in university and to improve themselves.
  2. Students who have basis to learn in Department of Mathematics, such as having basic academic ability, good understanding, expression skills, and logical thinking.
  3. Students who want to have occupations making use of expertise learned in Department of Mathematics (for example, math teachers, system engineers in informative industries).
  4. Students who want to dare challenge modern math, and contribute its development by becoming experts of math.

The Master's Program in Mathematics consists of two chairs: Fundamental Mathematics and Mathematical Analysis.

The chair of Fundamental Mathematics includes algebra, topology, differential geometry and mathematical logic.

The chair of Mathematical Analysis includes real analysis, complex analysis, functional analysis, general topology, partial differential equations and probability theory.

The details of our research interests can be found in the staff-data pages. Some of our Master of Science students go to the Doctor's Program. The majority of our Master of Science students obtain careers that utilize mat