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Graduate School Program

Diploma Policy(GSP)

The Graduate School of Integrated Science and Technology aims to foster human resources with a scientific spirit in pursuit of truth with a deep level of learning in fundamental sciences and problem-solving abilities based on such. In addition, high-level research is undertaken in each specialized field with the aim of developing powers of observation and insight and the ability to take action, in order to meet the diverse needs of society. In line with these aims, the department will confer master’s degrees in science to students who have gained the qualities and abilities shown below through completing the set subjects and gaining the required number of credits.

1.Having deep learning in each field of science and being able to take a leading role in solving various issues in contemporary society from a professional position.
2.Able to act with personal responsibility as a member of society with a sound critical sense and high ethical values.
3.Able to exercise leadership from a global viewpoint with communication skills and an international mindset.