Educated Individuals

The Graduate School of Integrated Science and Technology aims to cultivate students who, in this world of advanced science and technology, possess the ability to solve problems by using basic scientific methods.
There is a demand today for scientific minds that pursue truth for the purpose of bettering mankind. To meet this demand, we engage in high-level research training in each of our departments.
The purposes of science education and research are to develop one’s ability to gain insight, to adjust oneself to given circumstances, and to take the action required to meet the needs of society. To accomplish these purposes, research training must be supported by both fundamental understanding and creative thinking. This is the type of education that achieves the goal of nurturing the profound learning skills required in high-level technology and research.

Education Aspired to

  1. We aim to develop both high-level specialist knowledge and creative research capabilities in all our students.
  2. We emphasize the fact that theoretical activity, seminars, and specialized research are interconnected; our teams of teaching staff carefully guide students through both their education and their research.
  3. By providing education that emphasizes basic theories, and by offering classes to a mix of students from different disciplines, we aim to cultivate an outlook that combines multiple perspectives while enhancing the students’ abilities to solve problems in their own specialist fields.

Type of Students We Are Looking for

We are looking for motivated students who have a strong interest in the problems presented by modern society in all its diversity, and who are capable of considering issues from a wide range of perspectives without being biased towards their specialty. With regard to scientific phenomena in particular, we are looking for students who have a profound interest in the research that is based on the fundamental theories of such phenomena.

Qualities and Abilities Necessary for Admission

The entrance examinations used to select students for the Graduate School of Integrated Science and Technology will be conducted to evaluate whether students have a profound interest in scientific phenomena based on the fundamental theories of such phenomena. For the general admission and foreign student’s admission, a written examination in which students’ basic knowledge of their major fields of study, logical thinking, and reading comprehension as well as expressive abilities in English are evaluated. There will also be an oral examination in which their attitudes towards academics and research are evaluated. Further, for the self-recommended admission, in addition to the evaluation of students’ basic qualities and abilities upon examining their application documents, there will also be an interview examination in which they will be evaluated on their proactive attitudes towards academics and research, such as their deep interest and enthusiasm for their major field of study.