A new program, “Creative Science Course: Global Innovation” | Shizuoka University Faculty of Science, Graduate School of Science


A new program, “Creative Science Course: Global Innovation”

The Faculty of Science, Shizuoka University, will start a new program,“Creative Science Course: Global Innovation”for undergraduates program from April 1, 2016, which aims to encourage students to develop their innovative and global standpoints in the study of science. The students of this program will take lectures and complete exercises using more English than other students, and the students of this program will take lectures offered by different Departments (Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biological Science, Geosciences) during their first year. Then they decide their major and join a laboratory of one of the program’s professor or another appropriate professor belonging to the Department during the second year. Through the intensive study in English and other active opportunities, students shall be encouraged to think globally with a scientific mind.


We welcome students who:

  • want to study science, but have not decided their subject yet.
    →You learn some subjects during the first year and then decide your speciality.
  • who want to develop their vision globally and may consider a job outside Japan.
    →We offer some lectures in English and some special programs to develop your scientific ability in English intensively.
  • who want to learn the foundations of science, and apply them to various social fields.
    →Learn how to solve questions and problems.

This is a challenge for the Faculty, thus we will continuously check the progress of the program carefully and evaluate how to further develop the entire educational program in the year to come. In order to do this we are inviting experts from outside of the university based on their highly-evaluated experiences in society.