The Faculty of Science has as its philosophy the contribution to human happiness by promoting research aimed at the development and application of science over a wide area, with a passion for finding the truths of the natural world. The faculty’s education aims at fostering human resources who are able to contribute to society as researchers, engineers or educators with a wide-ranging cultural education, while also having distinct, fundamental academic abilities in specialized scientific fields. In line with this philosophy, the department will confer bachelor’s degrees in science to students who have gained the qualities and abilities shown below through completing the set subjects and gaining the required number of credits.

1.Having a wide-ranging cultural education and multifaceted outlook, along with sound critical facilities and ethical values.
2.Having distinct, fundamental academic abilities in each field of science and being able to take an active role in solving various issues in contemporary society from a professional position.
3.Able to act from a global standpoint, possessing communication skills and an international mindset.