The Faculty of Science aims to educate students to attain sound capability for carrying out study in science, which will lead them to contribute to the society from various professional fields as researchers, engineers, and educators.
Students as follows are welcomed and encouraged to study with us:
(1) Inquiring intellectual minds with passion and mind to challenge;
(2) A strong eager to try to understand the nature;
(3) Highly motivated to get knowledge together with the aptitude to overcome difficulties.

The admission policies for each department are as follows:

Department of Mathematics

Department of Mathematics seeks students who have full of curiosity or spirit of inquiry, who actively pursue with interest various contents of math (or mathematical science) human intelligence has established, and who have strong will and ability to study and master them without giving up. Therefore, we welcome the admission of the following types of students:
1. Students who did well in high school, and have desires to learn academic disciplines even deeper in university and to improve themselves.
2. Students who have basis to learn in Department of Mathematics, such as having basic academic ability, good understanding, expression skills, and logical thinking.
3. Students who want to have occupations making use of expertise learned in Department of Mathematics (for example, math teachers, system engineers in informative industries).
4. Students who want to dare challenge modern math, and contribute its development by becoming experts of math.

Department of Physics

In physics wide variety of phenomena are understood based on fundamental laws and principles in length scales from elementary particles to the universe, and we are challenging to the latest frontiers of physics. Our aim is to provide the best educational experience for each of our students and the opportunities of obtaining the skills to make professional contributions to society in the future, as engineers or researchers, by utilizing knowledge of physics.
We welcome highly motivated students as follows;
1. Students who have a great interest in the field of physics and a desire to study related problems.
2. Students who have the academic basis to begin our programs, such as Mechanics, Electromagnetism, and Quantum Mechanics, and have a demonstrable ability for logical thinking to challenge the complex problems of physics.
3. Individuals who desire to play an active role in society in the future by utilizing professional knowledge learned in the University.

Department of Chemistry

The chemistry is a branch of natural science whose basic premise is to understand substances and their chemical phenomena. Accordingly, the Chemistry Department mandates to equip students with the requisite professional knowledge and research technology that are related to the creation, structures, and changes of substances. From this premise, the students who satisfy the conditions below are welcome to join our program.
1. Those whose possess a fair background in basic natural science, based on their high school major.
2. Individuals who have burning desire and passion to challenge to the realms of chemistry.
3. Individuals who can think logically and flexible when confronted with any kind of chemistry related problems.
4. Prospectives who have a strong zeal and aptitude to contribute the development of chemistry, and a desire to do their best for it.

Department of Biological Science

From last century, biological science is attracting more attention from the society since it is playing indispensable roles on our life, culture and ecosystem.
Basic knowledge and analytical techniques in biological science are important not only for understanding living organisms, but also application in diverse areas such as medical and pharmaceutical science,agriculture, fisheries, and biotechnology industries.
This department aim to educate students with broad vision and research expertise in biological science.
For this purpose we provide an integrated educational program that includes lectures, practical and laboratory training, which covers a wide spectrum of biology ranging from molecular to environmental level.
We are keen to receive applications from all the students with one or more of the following:
1. Strong interest in biological science.
2. Sufficient academic education to study in Shizuoka University.
3. Tenacity, carefulness and autonomy to work on challenging issues.
4. Ambition to play active roles in biological science in the future.

Department of Geosciences

Department of Geosciences is seeking students who are very curious and interested in the dynamics of Earth and passionate about exploring the realm of nature. Our aim is to understand and unravel the scientific truth about the evolution of Earth, present and past, by adopting a multidisciplinary approach.
We welcome energetic and brilliant students who have:
1. maintained good academic record in high school, and wish to pursue higher studies
2. requisite skills needed for logical thinking, understanding, expressing, and solving of complex geological problems
3. interest in developing geological knowledge to solve problems related to natural disasters, and environmental related issues confronting mankind today
4. serious interest in pursuing geology based professions that require extensive field training and experience.