Department of Chemistry

     Chemistry is a science with its scope having molecules as the basic entities. Hence it covers so broad field that it deals with inorganic molecules to biopolymers. Chemistry provides us with basic theory for molecules and their energy, and contributes to our daily life, as well. This major aims to produce specialists with basic and advanced skill in academic research who contribute toward solving problems in resources, energy, environment and life science. The chemistry major provides two courses : Structural Chemistry and Functional Chemistry

Structural Chemistry Course

     We study dynamics, properties and structures of molecules. Our research has wide view ranging from chemical elements of matters on the earth to variety of material structures in the outer space. We aim to produce specialists with theoretical and experimental skill.

Functional Chemistry Course

     We aim to produce specialists who can analyze functions of various materials by physiochemical and organochemical method, with being based on fundamental and advanced theory for behavior of materials in various energy states, develop experimental procedure inspired by new ideas, and keep trying to create novel functional materials.